Retail Rejects: A NEW Game Now Available Through Patreon!

Do you want to collect cheesy, weird, and obscure games like Flip the Table? Now you can simulate the experience in your own home in an amazing print-and-play game designed by Chris and Suzanne Zinsli of Tessen, Cobras, and Cardboard Edison, with graphic design and illustrations by Robert Couch of Building the Game!

Retail Rejects is a set collection and drafting game where you'll compete to build the best collection of weird games. Your search will take you to your Friendly Local Game Store, the Thrift Shop, and all the way to Soviet Russia as you raid the shelves for VCR games, kids games, and of course...Roll and Move Games (SURPRISE)!

Each card is a loving parody of one of the many, many, MANY cheesy games we've featured on Flip the Table over the years. You'll laugh out loud...but you'll also enjoy the strategic depth of collecting special "BANCE" cards for special bonuses and timing your moves to make the highest-scoring sets. And it only takes 15 minutes or so to play...unlike most Flip the Table games, which take a virtual eternity!

"So how do I get it," you ask?

It couldn't be easier! You can get access to the files by backing Flip the Table on Patreon, or by backing the fantastic Cardboard Edison on Patreon at any level! Cardboard Edison is a phenomenal resource for anyone who is interested in game design, game publishing, or anything else related to the making of games. Their interviews and resources are indisposable whether you're considering publishing a game, or if you're just interested in what makes games tick.

When you back the game, you'll get access to the print and play files that you can construct at home, as well as a special link to if you'd like to easily print the game on high-quality cards like the ones pictured so that you can impress your friends with your fancy new game (or if, like Your Moderator Chris, you're terrible at arts and crafts).

So what are you waiting for? Open up those wallets, and get ready to collect some cheesy games!

Cardboard Edison on Patreon

Flip the Table on Patreon


Cardboard Edison, led by the husband-and-wife superteam of Chris and Suzanne Zinsli, is a creator of board and card games. They also blog about game design, create spiffy industry reports for designers, run an annual award for unpublished game designs, and basically eat, sleep, and breathe board games.


Robert Couch is a guy. He does creative things from time to time. He runs Poorlydesigned Studios. He also has a podcast about tabletop games. It's pretty good, if you're into podcasts about that stuff.