Friday, October 26, 2012

Episode 14: Dexter

Just in time for Halloween, this spooktacular episode of Flip the Table features a dark and mysterious journey into the world of Dexter, the board game based on the Showtime television series. This title lets players step into the role of blood-spatter analyst and serial killer Dexter Morgan as he stalks other murderers and deals with them by making impulse purchases at hardware stores, sailing a boat across dry land, and riding along with his Dark Passenger into the endless, maddening downward spiral of one-way Miami traffic. Then: The Battle of Wits challenges the panel to price out more peculiar collectibles. Download now!

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Thanks to contributors Ben Turner and Niki Turner for joining us this week!



  1. Never have watched Dexter, but liked the donut remix.

  2. When you are rolling a d6 this much and nary a goblin is dead, you're doing something wrong.

    That is gold!

  3. I think if you make the board smaller... I think a programmed movement version of this game would give it both a planning element and more player interaction. Some other things would have to change, but I think it'd be much more engaging in the least.