Saturday, December 28, 2013

Episode 44: 2013 End of Year Special

The bedazzled trophy is back! It's our super-sized 2013 End of Year Special, where we answer questions from Flipsters all over the globe, and give our awards for the best and worst games we played all year! Plus, our special Season Finale Battle of Wits features our first ever fan-created battle! Who will become the 2013 BoW champion? Will it be decided with anything remotely resembling game balance? And...we have a special gift for all our listeners! This episode is HUGE! Like, literally larger than most of our episodes! Enjoy!

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The winners of this year's awards will have one of their components attached to our trophy! Watch this space for updated photos!

Check out Gone Flippin'!!!

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Here's a selection of musical clips from the end of a few of our favorite episodes!

The Vanilla Bance Rap (mp3)

Chariots of Jared (mp3)

From Episode 36, "Bruce jenner Decathlon"

There Are FOUR LIGHTS! (mp3)

From Episode 17, "Star Trek VCR Game"


From Episode 45, "Doorways to Horror"

The Donut Song (mp3)

From Episode 14, "Dexter"


From the mind of Flipster and graphic artist Jason Benningfield comes Gone Flippin'...the Flip the Table board game!

In this FREE print & play, you can live the dream of being a Flip the Table panelist and play cheesy, weird, and obscure board games in your quest to be the first to score 10,000 POINTS!!! Buy cheesy games at Flip's Thrift shop! Risk all your hard-earned quarters at The Professor's Lazer Arcade! Go to Jared's Wrestling Academy and fight for the world title! Use Chris's Editing Bay to manipulate time and space! But beware of Soviet Russia...because in Soviet Russia, TABLE FLIPS YOU!

And did we mention it's a roll-and-move game? SURPRISE!!!

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Gone Flippin' - Designed by Jason Benningfield

Art, Writing, Graphic Design: Jason (CupidsArt) Benningfield
Editor & Creative Consultant: Chris Michaud

Sam Curl, Chad Carr, John Raypole, Chris Lucas, Nicholas Stahl, Jenny Stahl, Maria Noyes, Tim, Jared Hunnefeld, Emily Hunnefeld, Chris Michaud, Melanie Michaud, Flip Florey, Chris Barter, Heather Barter

FTT Logo designed by Flip Florey
Flip the Table Created by Chris Michaud, used with permission

Special Thanks to the Flip The Table Crew and all of those cheesy and obscure board games that we love and have yet to play.

Interested in some of the other works that Jason has been a part of? Check out:

Cover and coin art for "Omen: A Reign of War", "Hemloch: Vault of Darkness"

Second Summoners: Farthen and 4 other titles yet to be released

Regular T-Shirt Artist

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Friday, December 13, 2013

Episode 43: Terminator 2

Say "Hasta la vista" to boredom and get ready to join us for a rousing game of "Terminator 2: Judgement Day"...a board game based on the blockbuster film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. This game sees players racing to collect floppy diskettes and Terminator parts while fleeing the dreaded T-1000 as they prepare for the deadly final battle at the local steel mill. Will this game get a "Thumbs-up," or will it become self-aware and destroy us all? Plus; we dig into Arnold's back catalog in the Battle of Wits. Download now!

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SnowCon is coming soon...and Flip the Table will be there!

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Episode 42: Saved by the Bell - LIVE at BGG.con with Eric Summerer!!!

It's our first ever LIVE podcast, recorded at BGG.con 2013! Our guest Eric Summerer from The Dice Tower joins us as we play Saved By the Bell from 1992, a pick-up-and-deliver game where players earn points by hanging out with the gang from Bayside and going on a date with both Zack AND Slater! Race around the school while avoiding detention and asking your friends uncomfortable questions about their classmates. Enjoy 54 unique(ish) images of the Bayside gang and collect your favorite ones to score valuable points. Over 2 decades later, did this game hold up as well as its namesake television program? Plus, a Battle of Wits you won't want to miss!

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BONUS CONTEST! In honor of BoardGameGeek, we're having a special contest on our BGG forums! Post a comment on our official discussion thread for this episode for your chance to win a super-secret prize! Limit one entry per listener, but post as many comments as you like! The deadline for entry is Midnight EST, Thursday, December 12th. Good luck!


Friday, November 8, 2013

Episode 41: The Muppet Show

They had faces of foam rubber and hearts of gold...but do they have what it takes to make a great board game? Flip the Table investigates as we play The Muppet Show! This late 70's title features the wacky Muppetational stylings of Kermit, Fozzy, Miss Piggy, and the whole gang, and thrusts them into a madcap world of clinical, tactical movement. Which Muppets will reach the footlights and take their place on the big stage? How in the world does the mysterious Double Spinner factor in? What do Statler and Waldorf have to say about all this? Download now to find out!

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Scroll down to see all the drawings from this week's Battle of Wits!