Sunday, June 26, 2016

Episode 93: Superman III

We're flying backwards around the earth's axis to travel back to the early 1980's to bring you Superman III: The Board Game! Based on the slapstick superhero film, players take on the role of Supes as battles an evil supercomputer...and himself. Does this game faithfully recreate the nuance of this cinematic classic? Is there enough Richard Pryor in the game? This looks like a job for Flip the Table!

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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Episode 92: Guinness Game of World Records

Who doesn't like a good leaderboard? On this episode, the panel plays the Guinness Game of World Records, based on the famous book that was wedged next to the encyclopedias in your third grade class. It's a little bit of trivia and a whole lot of dexterity as players try to beat each-other's records in a race to 100 points. Is this 70's classic as much fun as poring through a bunch of tiny black-and-white text?

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