Friday, January 13, 2017

Episode 102: Jumanji and Zathura

Prepare to be sucked into the deadly world of board games as we cover Jumanji and Zathura in a super-sized double-header! These based-on-the-movie, based-on-the-children's-book games both feature players racing to finish the game before they are consumed by deadly peril. But is jungle peril better than space peril? Who is better...Robin Williams or Dax Shepard? Plus, a fan-made Battle of Wits!

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Friday, January 6, 2017

BONUS EPISODE: Events, Appearances, and a Couple of Games Played

Your Moderator Chris, here! On this quickfire bonus episode, I'll tell you about our upcoming appearances at SnowCon, TotalCon, and the Granite Game Summit, we'll tell you which other podcasts the FTT crew has been creeping up on lately, and I'll even do a quick legit review or two!

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Look for Your Moderator Chris on Building the Game with Rob and Jason, coming soon!