Friday, October 24, 2014

Episode 65: Home Alone

Just in time for the much too early start of the Christmas season, we're playing the Home Alone board game! This spin and move memorization game, based on the massive 90's blockbuster, has players controlling both a particularly independent 8 year old and the infamous "Wet Bandits" as they try to protect the family's valuables while springing the most lethal traps on the crooks. Has the panel had enough of this one, or are they thirsty for more? Plus, Flip gets the fans involved in a very special (too early for the) holiday edition of the Battle of Wits!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

We've CRUSHED our Extra Life Goal!!!

So far, Team Bance has crushed its original fundraising goal for Children's Miracle last week on the podcast, we announced that if we hit our second stretch goal of $3,000, we'd have a special surprise...

...well we CRUSHED it! With time left to go!

So as a thank you to everyone for helping to get the word out and raise money, our website now has a "Freebies" page, where you can not only download the Gone Flippin' game, but you can also download a handful our our musical interludes at the end of some of our favorite episodes, including the Vanilla Bance Rap!

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Thank you all once agian for your generous support...and if you'd still like to help, click here to visit the Team Bance home page!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Episode 64: Beakman's World

Take a little Mr. Wizard, a little Ren and Stimpy, and blend in a heaping helping of roll and move, and you get the Beakman's World: Beakmania Game! In this trivia/dexterity hybrid based on the 1990's-era educational science show for kids, players battle for beakers at Beakman's lab...using such varied props as dominoes, magnetic marbles, plastic discs, wadded up paper, rulers, and balloons. Does this nineties-tastic edutainment title manage to work in a little actual entertainment on the side? Plus: Professor Laserbooks tries to make a subjective Battle of Wits a little more scientific...

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BONUS CONTENT! Check out this supercut of the dexterity challenges in this week's game!

EXTRA LIFE UPDATE: Contributor Derek Porter will walk the DICE FIREWALK! He'll make one pass for every $50 he raises for CMN! Click here to show your support!