Saturday, December 22, 2012

Episode 18: 2012 End of Year Special!

In our season finale, join Flip the Table as we present our awards for the best and worst games we've played on the show. Which game had the most BANCE? Which was the most eye-gougingly bad game we've played all year? We'll tell you! With words! Also: listen and laugh at our expense as we valiantly struggle to pronounce your names in our first ever listener Q&A, and find out who will be crowned the 2012 Battle of Wits Heavyweight Champion of the World! It's a super-sized episode filled with more plot twists than a Dennis Miller joke about M. Night Shyamalan movies. Listen now!

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Ever want to play a game featured on Flip the Table? We're proud to announce we're sponsoring this year's  SnowCon, where limited seats are available to play some of our favorite games from the show and beyond! Plus: we've partnered with Game Salute to bring you exclusive demos of Pixel Lincoln ahead of its 2013 release! Keep checking back on the Official Game Schedule for SnowCon to see when you can have a chance to play face-to-face with Flip the Table! And, hey, you should register for SnowCon and enjoy the best weekend of face to face tabletop gaming in Maine! See you there!


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Episode 17: Star Trek: The Next Generation VCR Game

In our last game review of 2012, Flip the Table invites you to "Experience Bij" as we play "Star Trek: The Next Generation Interactive VCR Board Game"! The Klingon warmonger Kavok has taken control of the Enterprise in this roll & move race against the clock. Can our Starfleet training overcome hammy acting and crew infighting to prevent an intergalactic war, or will the fragile alliance with the Klingons be shattered by a 60 minute VHS tape? Plus: Flip gives a full report from BGG.con, and Professor Laserbooks challenges the panel to a super-sized Star Trek Battle of Wits! "Engage" your favorite podcasting device and "Make it so" the noises we made go into your now!

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Episode 16: Murder, She Wrote

This Week: We present Team Coverage of "Murder, She Wrote," the board game alongside the Game Night Guys! Two reviews, two shows, one game! You can click here for their review of Murder, She Wrote, which also includes an interview with the Flip the Table panel! BANCE! (Game Night Guys contains mature language not suitable for children or elderly mystery writers; listener discretion is advised.)

On this episode of Flip the Table, we stop banging away at our typewriters long enough to bring you Murder, She Wrote: The board game! It's a deduction game with a traitor element released 25 years ahead of its time. Like Battlestar Galactica, there are many copies of Jessica Fletcher (played by the immortal Angela Lansbury) chasing down a twisted murderer  as they try to exterminate an entire island resort. Is this game worthy of being played after, say, "60 Minutes: The Board Game"? Plus: A Battle of Wits with an ending you won't believe!

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Hey! If you're interested in games you should actually play, check out "Keep Running" by our good friend Michael Fox, which you can print and play right from their Kickstarter page!

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UPDATE: Thanks to Flipster and Murder, She Wrote fan Ben Lott for providing a few rules clarifications after this episode went to air. Chiefly, a player may make an accusation if they land on or pass over the "Accuse" space, and need not land there by exact count. Players also must keep the "Alive" or "Dead" status of a character a secret after examining a space. We appreciate the information!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Episode 15: Mystery Mansion

If you've ever enjoyed searching your couch cushions for change, you'll be intrigued by this week's title. Electronic Talking Mystery Mansion is a 1995 deduction game featuring a boatload of tiny doll furniture, and a squawking box which leads you through a treasure hunt. You'll search every nook and cranny of the house to find the Million Dollar Prize...but watch out! The other players will try to steal your clues by talking you out of them (read: beating you in a die roll). Nearly 20 years later, does this electronic gimmick hold up? Use the power of the Internet to download this episode and find out! Thanks to contributor Debi Florey for joining us this week!

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Episode 14: Dexter

Just in time for Halloween, this spooktacular episode of Flip the Table features a dark and mysterious journey into the world of Dexter, the board game based on the Showtime television series. This title lets players step into the role of blood-spatter analyst and serial killer Dexter Morgan as he stalks other murderers and deals with them by making impulse purchases at hardware stores, sailing a boat across dry land, and riding along with his Dark Passenger into the endless, maddening downward spiral of one-way Miami traffic. Then: The Battle of Wits challenges the panel to price out more peculiar collectibles. Download now!

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Thanks to contributors Ben Turner and Niki Turner for joining us this week!