Friday, March 21, 2014

Episode 50: The Bionic Special

In this special double-episode, we're replacing all our limbs and taking on two games of Bionic proportions! First, we step into the track suit of Steve Austin (The other one) in The Six Million Dollar Man game, where we'll spin and move our way into brick walls until we prove which OSI agent is the real deal. Then, in The Bionic Woman, we'll travel around a sort of 70's fantasy landscape rescuing children for big points! Does this Bionic hardware stand the test of time, or has it become obsolete government property?

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Episode 49: The Legend of Zelda

Enjoy this special edition gold-colored mp3 as we pick up our wooden swords and embark upon The Legend of Zelda! This board game features multiple players controlling a single Link as he travels the vast overworld of Hyrule and flips over random enemy tiles until he defeats Ganon or someone dies. Does the panel have sufficient hearts to survive this journey, or will they be left with a dead battery and a corrupt save file?

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Dice Tower at TotalCon 2014 - Part 2

Flip the Table's invasion of The Dice Tower continues with part 2 of their live show at TotalCon! Join us for an interview with Anthony Racano of The Cardboard Jungle, a Q&A with our live audience, and a very special intra-network edition of the Battle of Wits! Can we survive another hour without getting kicked out of the network entirely? Tune in to find out...

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