Saturday, June 20, 2015

Episode 76: Iron Chef

This time, we take a big old bite out of the  yellow bell pepper that is the Iron Chef Board Game! In this title based on the original Japanese series, players take the role of one of the four Iron Chefs in a free-for-all battle in Kitchen Stadium. Chefs jockey to present a three course meal, scoring bonus points for making dishes in their own specialty style and for actually remembering to include the Secret Ingredient. But be careful! At any time another Iron Chef could sabotage your dish...if you don't burn your own vegetables first! Will this game earn the favor of our panel of judges? Plus: We plagiarize pay tribute to the venerable Shut Up & Sit Down for our Battle of Wits!

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Thanks to the amazing Shut Up & Sit Down for permitting us to steal their game for this week's Battle of Wits! If you like what you heard, check out the Shut Up & Sit Down Podcast! (May contain explicit language; listener discretion advised)