Friday, November 23, 2012

Episode 16: Murder, She Wrote

This Week: We present Team Coverage of "Murder, She Wrote," the board game alongside the Game Night Guys! Two reviews, two shows, one game! You can click here for their review of Murder, She Wrote, which also includes an interview with the Flip the Table panel! BANCE! (Game Night Guys contains mature language not suitable for children or elderly mystery writers; listener discretion is advised.)

On this episode of Flip the Table, we stop banging away at our typewriters long enough to bring you Murder, She Wrote: The board game! It's a deduction game with a traitor element released 25 years ahead of its time. Like Battlestar Galactica, there are many copies of Jessica Fletcher (played by the immortal Angela Lansbury) chasing down a twisted murderer  as they try to exterminate an entire island resort. Is this game worthy of being played after, say, "60 Minutes: The Board Game"? Plus: A Battle of Wits with an ending you won't believe!

Download Episode 16! (mp3)

Hey! If you're interested in games you should actually play, check out "Keep Running" by our good friend Michael Fox, which you can print and play right from their Kickstarter page!

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UPDATE: Thanks to Flipster and Murder, She Wrote fan Ben Lott for providing a few rules clarifications after this episode went to air. Chiefly, a player may make an accusation if they land on or pass over the "Accuse" space, and need not land there by exact count. Players also must keep the "Alive" or "Dead" status of a character a secret after examining a space. We appreciate the information!


  1. I don't remember very much about that show, I only remember a single flashback-style episode that was about the main character being detained for having been "coincidentally" around dozens of murders and needing to defend the unlikely reality of how many murders she'd come upon.

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