Friday, July 19, 2013

Episode 33: Gargoyles VHS Board Game

Come join us in a world where stone warriors protect the city by night...and everyone kinda sounds like they belong on the Enterprise. We're playing Gargoyles: The VCR Board Game; a VHS pack-in with the Disney movie which was a special bonus feature long before DVDs brought us hours of deleted scenes. Spin and move your way to the Xanatos building within 20 minutes to defeat Jonathan Frakes before he unleashes horrible robot doppelgangers on the city of New York. If nobody makes it to the finish, the city is destroyed. OR IS IT?!?!?! Download now and join the adventure!

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  2. Professor, were you trolling us Trek nerds with the whole "obscure actress who played Lwaxana Troi" comment? I have to believe you were... because if it was your intention to poke at the bee's nest that is a Trek nerd, enjoy the fruits of your labor. And please, read the following with the voice of the Simpsons Comic Book Guy in your head:

    "NOT ONLY was Majel Barrett, the wife Star Trek Creator Gene Robbenberry, but she holds the distinction of being the only actor(ess) to have been on all 5 Star Trek Series, as well and the new movies. Most of that work was as the voice of the computer, but also included character roles of Lwaxana Troi and Nurse Chapel."

    While I'm at it... I was surprised none of you recognized the actor who played the Klingon in the DVD game as the same actor who played Gowron on TNG.