Thursday, August 29, 2013

Episode 36: Bruce Jenner Decathlon

What do you get when you combine rubber bands, six sided dice, and The Prisoner's Dilemma? The Olympics, of course! This week, we're playing the Bruce Jenner Decathlon game from 1979! Flick plastic discs at rubber bands and exercise your basic arithmetic skills on your way to the Gold! The question is, did this game eat its Wheaties for breakfast, or is it really full of Little Chocolate Donuts? Download now to find out!

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Huge thanks to Michael Fox from The Little Metal Dog Show for providing this week's game! Check out our visit to his show on Episode 58 and listen to Michael take on The Battle Of Wits! Cheers, Michael!


Here are the drawings we made during our Battle of Wits Septathlon!


  1. Stop me if you've heard this one. I was a collegiate decathlete back in the day and went on to do some coaching as well. Now I'm just a middle aged nerd. I am much happier now. Anyway, I wanted to comment on your 'press your luck' mechanic idea for the jumps as being totally appropriate thematically. One does try to conserve energy as much as possible in the jumps, particularly the high jump and pole vault where you could take many jumps, clearing a height on your third attempt often. I was particularly prone to this. Thought it was a fun episode. I mentioned to Flip when we met at TotalCon (Thanks again to Deb for teaching my wife and me to play Tzolk'in) that I have been listening to your program while performing mind numbing tasks I am not joking much when I say that it has kept me sane for quite a while now. That's pretty frightening now that I read it again, but it's true. I've listened to most of your episodes at least three times. Thanks so much to all of you for the great work...


  2. Those runner pieces are definitely jenner-ic.

  3. It was Dave Winfield who hit the seagull (1983 against the Toronto Blue Jays) throwing the ball to the ball boy after a warm-up catch. And Winfield was charged by the police for the incident.

    Randy Johnson pitched a ball that killed a dove (Spring training, 2001). "In a freak accident on March 24, 2001, during the 7th inning of a spring training game against the San Francisco Giants, Johnson threw a fastball that struck and killed a dove. The bird swooped across the infield just as Johnson was releasing the ball. After being struck by the pitch, the bird landed dead amid a "sea of feathers." The official call was "no pitch."[18]"