Friday, September 13, 2013

Episode 37: Home Improvement

What problem has ever been solved by "Less power"? No important one, that's for sure. This week, we play the Home Improvement board game, where players roll, move, and grunt their way through the magical world of drywall, circuit testers, and subjective answers to trivia questions. It's a game that combines a little bit of Talisman, a little bit of Monopoly, and a whole lot of home improvement (the activity, not the sitcom). Who will be the first to capture the crown of command complete their jobs in the project house? Plus: which panelist is dreamier than Jonathan Taylor Thomas? (Spoiler: Nobody. Don't be stupid.)

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Jared Hunnefeld is leading "Team BANCE!" for this year's Extra Life 2013 fundraiser for Children's Miracle Network! Click the badge above to donate, or click here to join the team!

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