Monday, July 27, 2015

Episode 78: 24 DVD Board Game

The following podcast takes place in real time...except for all the boring stuff we cut out. We're playing the 24: DVD Board Game, where players help Jack Bauer to thwart terrorist threats by using such controversial tactics as navigating through slow, clunky menus with a DVD remote. It's a series of mini-games that combine the action packed "Thrills" of Dragon's Lair with the gritty, rule-breaking realism of "24" (toned down for family play, of course). Does this title capture the intensity and drama of the fight against terror, or is it really a mole waiting patiently in our collection? Plus: a Battle of Wits where nobody can be trusted...

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  2. Just started listening to your podcast...and am working my way backwards from this episode! Love it...and one episode plays in my "to work" commute.

    By the way, this board is much more lame than I thought it would be. I could create that board in Microsoft Excel in about 10

  3. shout out to V:TES. One of you said something about 'resucing a minon from torpor' in that last episode. I still do , for I still play.