Friday, October 23, 2015

Episode 82: VCR Top Rank Boxing

Float like a magnetic head and sting like a tracking error...this week we're playing VCR Top Rank Boxing! In this game of pausing and playing pugilism, players draw cards, roll dice, and watch exciting video clips in an attempt to last 13 rounds and win the judges' decision, or (allegedly) knock out their opponent. Can the makers of VCR College Bowl redeem themselves with this title? Will it be a KO, or merely be OK? Step into the ring with us to find out!

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  1. Hey guys, long time fan here, and I'm now going to be "that guy" by rectifying something concerning Mike Tyson's Punchout. It's commonly believed that Nintendo replaced him because of his conviction, but actually that only happened a year after Mr. Dream's Punchout was released. It's more likely that Nintendo didn't renew their contract after Tyson lost to Buster Douglas.

    Also, I really recommand these blindfolded Punchout plays, including this one for the NES and this one for the SNES

    Great show, thanks a lot!

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