Tuesday, March 14, 2017

FTT's Epic Final Season Begins.

In this bonus episode, I announce the beginning of Flip the Table's "Epic Final Season." I'll tell you how we'll celebrate the legacy of Flip the Table in the coming months, and how we'll bring our cheesy, weird, and obscure journey to a close.

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  1. Oh no, but Flip the Table is my favorite podcast... This is because I didn't back your Patreon... what was I thinking. Now I'm doomed forever! I was just waiting for a better job where I wasn't totally broke. But now if that happens it will be too late. But wait, there's more! Now I'll have nothing to talk about to anyone, as this show was my only topic of conversation. Wait, what were we talking about? Maybe I should listen to the episode now. Okay, bye.

  2. Will miss you guys easily one of the funniest podcasts