Thursday, July 3, 2014

Episode 57: Isaac Asimov's Robots

Let the wondrous, futuristic technology of magnetic tape transmitting images into a cathode ray tube transport you into the world of Isaac Asimov's Robots! In this deduction game, players take the role of futuristic gumshoes solving an attempted murder. Pay close attention to the VHS tape as well as randomly drawn clues to figure out whotriedtodunit. Was it a filthy "Earther," filled with discontent about their living conditions and a hatred of the sun, or was it a smug "Spacer," living in their ivory tower in the stars with their better robots and their extreme germophobia? Plus, in the Battle of Wits, we try to figure out which Asimov plotline is real, and which is a futuristic fantasy.

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  1. I just got rick rolled by a board gaming podcast, good one guys.

  2. Thanks for the shout out guys. A few clarifications if you're interested:

    a. That's Peter's picture on card F10.
    b. Peter and Jack were the inventors of the game. I was involved in the design throughout. Peter's a genius and a great guy.
    c. Kodak was a very successful home video company. They did Bill Cosby, etc. This was one of the very first VCR games--CLUE from Parker Bros. came first, but our take on it was unique.
    d. I actually designed a bunch of games in my job at Spinnaker Software. Sorry I'm not in the database!
    e. The cheesiness: No doubt, we did this on the cheap. BUT, in my defense, Isaac loved what we did. Part of his take was that the future was almost certainly not going to be shiny and perfect, but just as cheesy as today.
    f. if you guys had read the books we based this on (not I Robot) you would have seen where we got the tropes, etc. Caves of Steel...
    g. the game was designed for people outside the gaming community, it was sold in mass merchants, etc... But I'm glad we were able to amuse you.
    h. thanks for not spoiling the ending for the teeming millions!

    gotta go. Have fun!