Friday, September 28, 2012

Episode 12: Star Wars Special! Ewoks Save the Trees and Star Wars: Galactic Heroes

For the first time, Flip the Table attempts to scratch the surface of the massive Star Wars universe with a special two-game episode! First, we take on the Funburst children's classic Ewoks Save the Trees and find out what happens when the dastardly Phlogs attack the peaceful kingdom of Candy Land. Then, it's Battle Droid vs. Clone Trooper in the card-driven arena of Star Wars: Galactic Heroes...we talk about rules variants, and what's wrong with this poor Clone Trooper's foot. Does either game capture the epic space opera, or are the 3-D pop-up boards a mask for something much darker? Spaaaaaace!

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Action figures shown not from the original game; replacements provided by Flip Florey