Friday, February 15, 2013

Episode 22: VCR California Games

Now you can virtually experience the warm California sun via the radioactive glow of a cathode ray tube...with VCR California Games! Join us as we roll and move our way through the bay area, participating in generic extreme sports competitions to raise enough money to go to "The Nationals" by way of watching 5 second clips of skateboarding, BMX, wind surfing, and more. Is this game totally "Nails," or is it the opposite of "Nails"? What does any of that mean? Plus, Professor Laserbooks sneaks some education past FTT Standards and Practices and into the Battle of Wits. Cowa-BANCE-ga!

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Don't forget to check out Hull Breach on Kickstarter, produced by our good friends at NSB Games!!! Check out this video for more details on this awesome game!

Flip the Table will be crashing TotalCon in Mansfield, Massachussets on Saturday, February 23rd! We'll be bringing a few Flip the Table favorites with us, including Catan Twister! We'll be spending most of the day in the open board gaming area...hope to see you there!