Thursday, April 11, 2013

Episode 26: WWF Wrestling Superstars with Billy Kumohara and Ophidian!!!

Say your prayers and eat your vitamins! It's time to play the WWF Wrestling Superstars board game...with our special guests from Chikara pro wrestling, Billy Kumohara and Ophidian! Join us as the host of Chikara's Quiz Present Crisis Battle and the Venomous and Vile Master of Snake Style wax nostalgic about the golden age of wrestling, and find out what happens when 80's pro wrestlers escape their reality and take up fighting monsters in Tokyo. Then, we check our boots for foreign objects and ring the bell for a special squared-circle themed Battle of Wits! Can Team Chikara steal enough energy from the crowd to defeat the villainous Team Flip the Table, or will they pull hair and bite their way to victory? Download now to find out!

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SPECIAL BONUS! Check out this exclusive unboxing video, featuring Billy, Ophidian, and comedian Gregg Gethard!