Saturday, December 28, 2013

Freebies from Flip the Table!!!


Here's a selection of musical clips from the end of a few of our favorite episodes!

The Vanilla Bance Rap (mp3)

Chariots of Jared (mp3)

From Episode 36, "Bruce jenner Decathlon"

There Are FOUR LIGHTS! (mp3)

From Episode 17, "Star Trek VCR Game"


From Episode 45, "Doorways to Horror"

The Donut Song (mp3)

From Episode 14, "Dexter"


From the mind of Flipster and graphic artist Jason Benningfield comes Gone Flippin'...the Flip the Table board game!

In this FREE print & play, you can live the dream of being a Flip the Table panelist and play cheesy, weird, and obscure board games in your quest to be the first to score 10,000 POINTS!!! Buy cheesy games at Flip's Thrift shop! Risk all your hard-earned quarters at The Professor's Lazer Arcade! Go to Jared's Wrestling Academy and fight for the world title! Use Chris's Editing Bay to manipulate time and space! But beware of Soviet Russia...because in Soviet Russia, TABLE FLIPS YOU!

And did we mention it's a roll-and-move game? SURPRISE!!!

Download Gone Flippin' (pdf)

(Windows Users: Right click and select "Save Link As")

Gone Flippin' - Designed by Jason Benningfield

Art, Writing, Graphic Design: Jason (CupidsArt) Benningfield
Editor & Creative Consultant: Chris Michaud

Sam Curl, Chad Carr, John Raypole, Chris Lucas, Nicholas Stahl, Jenny Stahl, Maria Noyes, Tim, Jared Hunnefeld, Emily Hunnefeld, Chris Michaud, Melanie Michaud, Flip Florey, Chris Barter, Heather Barter

FTT Logo designed by Flip Florey
Flip the Table Created by Chris Michaud, used with permission

Special Thanks to the Flip The Table Crew and all of those cheesy and obscure board games that we love and have yet to play.

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